This refers to a student's request to delay his/her study of the course and to carry forward his/her paid fees to a later period. Deferment may arise due to factors such as the need to serve in national service, overseas postings, on medical grounds or for any other valid reason. As a policy, deferment is generally not encouraged unless on official or compassionate grounds and approval is granted at the sole discretion of the School. All requests for deferment must be supported by official documentary evidence. Application for deferment is subjected to the availability of a subsequent intake of the course/module.

Student will be allowed one complimentary re-module without penalty thereafter the following re-module admin fees apply:

  • Per Certificate module $50.00 + GST.
  • Per Diploma module $200.00 + GST.

Deferment of course is allowed only up to a maximum period of SIX (6) MONTHS, failing which student will be deemed as having withdrawn from the course.

If a student wishes to defer his/her study, he/she should adhere to the following procedures:

  • Students must complete the Request for Course Deferment Form and submit it to our Admin Office along with official documentary evidence.
  • Students who submit their request for deferment upon or after the start of the module will not be able to carry forward his/her paid fees for the particular module to a later period, unless otherwise approved by Ascott Centre for Excellence.
  • Once the modules and course have been rescheduled, the student services shall inform the student.