Study amidst the greenery

Ascott Centre for Excellence has more than 5 full-time and 6 part-time trainers facilitating WSQ programmes. We have over 12,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor learning space, Ascott Centre for Excellence facilities include 3 training rooms, 1 seminar room, 1 computer training lab, 5 breakout rooms, 1 video-conferencing room, 1 resource room as well open space for interactive and outdoor learning.

Training Room Size and Capacity:

Training Rooms

Room Room Size Room Capacity (pax)
Vietnam 40m2 12
Philippines 59m2 24
Thailand 59m2 24
GCC 1162 40

Computer Rooms

Room Room Size Room Capacity (pax)
Russia 792 15

Our Classrooms are equipped with:

  • Teaching aids such as whiteboard and Flip-charts
  • Over-head projectors and screens
  • Sound systems for classroom presentation