LEVEL 2 (16 hours)


After undergoing Level 1 – Foundation English, participants are encouraged to advance to Level 2. This level is designed to focus on helping learners to adopt proper conversation at work. Learners will have opportunities to practice in each unit, so that they become more confident and skillful in communicating their ideas through dialogue.

Content Outline

  • Identify room types and room statuses (check out, out of order etc.)
  • Uniforms and guest laundry (fill up forms)
  • Description of a person (height, weight, eyes, hair), work style (fast, careful, hardworking etc.), feelings (angry, sad)
  • Types of housekeeping equipment and phrases on safety and usage (e.g. do not wet the plug)
  • Cleaning items and description of cleaning processes (e.g. wipe the table with a dusting cloth)
  • Proper responses to colleagues and guests for different occasions (e.g. anniversary, feeling unwell, birthdays, condolences etc.)
  • Answer guest requests and queries
  • Assessment


  • Lecture, role play, group activities, practice

Target Audience

  • PRC

Course Duration

  • 16 hours
    Recommended: (2hours per unit, once-twice a week)

Minimum number of participants

  • 8 persons

Fee (per participant)

  • $338.00
All fees subject to 7% GST


There will be a one-to-one evaluation for each participant, on the last day. The Assessor will use Oral Questioning methods and Role Play to gather evidence that learners has a grasp of what has been taught. Using picture aids, learners must be able to identify key amenities, terms and expressions that they have learnt in class, this will include a role-play scenario.