LEVEL 1 (16 hours)


There are many scenarios in Housekeeping, where communicating in English language is a necessity. In this course, learners will be able to communicate using basic phrases and sentences to handle daily conversations, observe words and simple phrases to carry out routine duties.

Content Outline

  • List and pronounce Alphabets, including knowing when to use upper/lower case
  • List and pronounce Numbers (1 to 10,000)
  • List Days and Months
  • Tell Time - recognize 24-hour, digital and analog timing
  • Read and pronounce terms related to Money and Currencies
  • Able to conduct Self-introduction, and handle queries regarding to one’s personal info
  • To use Greetings and Expressions of Apology
  • Apply Basic phone skills
  • Identify Room amenities (contextualized to the hotel – hotel to provide photos)
  • Housekeeping cleaning terms, items and methods (eg toilet brush, rinse, scrub, etc)
  • Respond to guest requests and queries (eg guest requests for extra towels)
  • Be familiar with Hotel facilities and be able to independently provide directions to such facilities
  • Identify places of interest near hotel, and provide directions to guests


  • Lecture, role play, group activities, practice

Target Audience

  • PRC

Course Duration

  • 16 hours
    Recommended: (2-3 hours, once-twice a week)

Minimum number of participants

  • 8 persons

Fee (per participant)

  • $240.00
All fees subject to 7% GST


There will be a one-to-one evaluation for each participant, on the last day. The Assessor will use Oral Questioning methods and Role Play to gather evidence that learners has a grasp of what has been taught. Using picture aids, learners must be able to identify key amenities, terms and expressions that they have learnt in class, this will include a role-play scenario.