Conversational Mandarin (Foundation)
for Hospitality Industry


This program is designed for Non-Mandarin learners in a Hotel. Travelers from China are one of the top travelers in Singapore. In this program, learners will be able to communicate using basic phrases and sentences to handle daily conversations, with China travelers.

Course Outline

  • Pronounce numbers (1 to 10,000)
    Including room numbers & floor numbers
  • Pronounce Time & Time of Day
  • Pronounce Days, Months & Dates
  • Name Public Holidays in Singapore
  • Pronounce terms related to Money and Currencies
  • Respond to guest requests and queries relating to rooms, key cards, housekeeping and maintenance requests
  • Basic Hotel facilities & General Hotel terms (bill, luggage, taxi, wake-up call, full-house, buffet breakfast, room rate, confirmation number, late check-in/checkout)
  • Able to conduct Self-introduction & to use Greetings, Expressions of Apology & Appreciation
  • Name the popular local attractions in Singapore
    (Universal Studios, Gardens by the Bay, etc)


  • Lecture, role, play, group activities, practice

Target Audience

  • All staffs who interacts with Hotel guests
    Non-mandarin speaking staffs

Course Duration

  • 16 hours
    Recommended: (2-3 hours, once-twice a week)

Course Fee (per participant)

  • $225.00

Fees subject to 7% GST

Minimum number of participants

10 persons


ACE Trainer


By Ascott Centre for Excellence


There will be a one-to-one evaluation for each participant, on the last day. The assessor will use Oral Questioning methods and Role Play to gather evidence that learners has a grasp of what has been taught. Using picture aids, learners must be able to identify key amenities, terms and expressions that they have learnt in class, this will include a role-play scenario.