WSQ Diploma Courses in Singapore

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Our WSQ diploma courses give aspiring hospitality practitioners the required expertise to succeed in the industry in Singapore.

The WSQ Diploma in Hotel & Accommodation Services seeks to equip learners with in-depth skills and knowledge in the Hotel Operations. It covers 7 modules involving operations management in the areas of Front office, Housekeeping, Reservations & key areas in Hotel operations. Upon completion, learners will be empowered to help set the standards to meet rising guests’ expectations in the Industry.

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More details on our WSQ Diploma course

Our WSQ diploma courses in Singapore are structured in a way that allows students to acquire all the relevant skills to prepare them for a real-life setting.


  • Develop service operations plan that is in line with the organisation’s service strategy
  • Communicate service operations plan to team
  • Evaluate performance of service operations against the organisation’s key performance indicators
  • Implement corrective actions to improve service operations performance


  • Analyse employability issues in the local and global contexts
  • Contribute to the development of a learning organisation
  • Facilitate learning in a learning organisation
  • Adapt to change in a learning organisation
  • Embrace diversity in a learning organisation


  • Manage daily operational activities
  • Manage escalated guest complaints
  • Evaluate operational results against organisational objectives
  • Recommend and implement improvement actions


  • Supervision and roles of supervisor
  • Guidelines for supervising Front Office operation activities
  • Supervising guest/customer check-in and check-out activities
  • Handling irregularities
  • Guidelines for handling guests/customers’ concern, feedback and security
  • Supervisory skills in coaching and self-development


  • Identify the tangible and intangible expectations of guests
  • Describe the sources of challenges and factors that impact guest’s satisfaction
  • Use methods developed to analyse causes of service challenges
  • Explain and use the service recovery components to develop a service recovery framework
  • Cascade developed service recovery framework to stakeholders for implementation
  • Identify and use pointers to evaluate and improve the service recovery framework


  • Prepare to supervise reservation services
  • Organise reservation services section at start-of-shift and end-of-shift
  • Supervise reservation processes
  • Monitor and analyse reservation requests
  • Take action for self-improvement as a supervisor


  • Plan loss/risk preventive policies and procedures
  • Implementing loss/risk preventive policies and procedures
  • Complying with loss/risk preventive policies and procedures
  • Reviewing effectiveness of loss/risk preventive policies and procedures

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded with a WSQ Diploma in Hotel & Accommodation Services. Participants are deemed to have successfully completed the course if they meet the competency standards for each of the seven units in the course outline above.

Singapore citizens who successfully attain a WSQ Diploma are eligible for a SkillsFuture Qualification Award of S$1000.

To apply for the SkillsFuture Qualification Award, please login with your SingPass at the SkillsConnect homepage.

  • New entrants to the hotel and accommodations sector
  • Current industry professionals seeking to advance their skills
  • Individuals seeking career transition opportunities
  • Individuals who are customer service-oriented and possess an outgoing personality
  • GCE 'O' levels with a credit in English and Mathematics or ESS Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (Level 5).
  • Alternatively, participants with supervisory experience in the hospitality industry will be considered on a case by case basis if sponsored by a hotel.
  • As with all our WSQ diplomas in Singapore, this course will include lectures, role plays, oral questioning, projects, visual aids, demonstrations, discussions and hands-on practicum (in Manage Housekeeping module). To ensure an optimum level of attention among the candidates, one teacher is assigned to a class of 15 candidates.
  • Our diploma is offered as a part-time course that will be completed over six months. Classes will take place twice per week on Tuesdays, 6pm to 10pm, and Saturdays, 9am to 6pm.

(A) SSG Course Fee funding

Enjoy 70% SSG course fee funding for all Singaporeans and Singapore PRs.

(B) Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETSS)*

(C) Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy*

* For company-sponsored candidates, the company can claim additional funding from SkillsConnect.

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  • Candidate must be a Singaporean or Singaporean PR.
  • Candidate must achieve at least 75% attendance for every module.
  • Only candidates with at least 75% attendance will be allowed to take the assessments.
  • Re-assessment fees will apply after the first three complimentary assessments offered for each module. The re-assessment fees will not be funded by SSG.
  • For company-sponsored candidates:

    • If candidate resigns and/or does not complete his WSQ diploma, the sponsoring company will need to pay the full course fees and will not enjoy SSG funding.
    • Candidate must stay with the company for at least six months after the course end date.
    • Sponsoring company can claim for absentee payroll funding. Please apply online here. The approved absentee payroll funding amount will be directly disbursed to the sponsoring company after the candidate has fulfilled ALL the following:

      • Completed ALL the required SOA in the certification
      • Certified competent in ALL the SOA assessments
      • Completed the certification within six months
  • For self-sponsored candidates:

    • Candidate must secure employment and work full-time in the tourism industry for at least six months after the course end date.
    • Candidate will be liable to pay the full course fees (without SSG funding) if any of the following is not fulfilled:

      • Completed ALL the required SOA in the certification
      • Certified competent in ALL the SOA assessments
      • Completed the certification within six months

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Ascott Centre for Excellence reserves the right to cancel all classes for the WSQ diploma courses we offer in Singapore in the event that it receives insufficient nominations to allow good learning dynamics to take place.